Re[2]: Online and/or Printed for HARDWARE docs (was Printed

Subject: Re[2]: Online and/or Printed for HARDWARE docs (was Printed
From: Rick Sapir <RICK_SAPIR -at- GILBARCO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 09:27:37 EST



>Subject: Re: Online and/or Printed for HARDWARE docs (was Printed vs.

>From: Steve Pope <spope -at- vnet -dot- net> at ~GATEWAY

>Date: 10/4/95 10:54 AM

>>On Fri, 29 Sep 1995 RICK_SAPIR -at- gilbarco -dot- com wrote:
>> I've been following the discussion of online vs. printed for
>> software documentation. But what about hardware? Is anyone else
>> putting their hardware documentation on-line? I'm talking about
>> merely putting documents on-line, as opposed to creating "true"
>> online doucments.
>We've put some hardware documents online for several companies - mostly
>in electrical distibution, metering, and telecommunication. It's
>particularly beneficial for engineers, field service technicians, and
>salespeople. Management loves it because of the cost savings. Customers
>like it because of "high-tech" solution (I'm not sure if usability is
>better though.).

That is basically the same things we've discovered. Our techs, help desk staff,
and product support people find the electronic docs of great benefit. Everything
is stored on their PC instead of stacks and stacks of binders. They also like
the ability to use key-word search. One thing too, it is quicker/easier to
update an electronic copy than a paper copy.

How have you handled electronic document distribution? Internet, dial-up BBS,
CD, etc?

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