Frame News Bulletin 10/10/95

Subject: Frame News Bulletin 10/10/95
From: Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- FRAME -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 16:42:18 CDT


Four items contained within:

A) FrameMaker release 5.0.1 announcement
B) Fyi: [Early Sept] Update to Quadralay's HTML Lite filter
C) Adobe's acquisition of Frame - update
D) 3-item Q&A


Frame Technology has released version 5.0.1, a minor update to
FrameMaker Release 5. This maintenance release addresses problems
uncovered since the original 5.0 release.


The update product part numbers for CDROM media are:

Macintosh 5.0.1 update: 81-05261-00
UNIX (Sun & HP) 5.0.1 update: 81-05259-00
Windows 5.0.1 update: 81-05260-00

Please note: the 5.0.1 updates are a full FrameMaker installation.
Users will need to re-enter their registration number(s).

Customers with active FSS as of 9/1/95 will automatically receive a
free FrameMaker 5.0.1 update. We will send one update per platform per
FSS contract. FSS Customers may request additional updates. The FSS
updates will begin shipping the week of 10/16/95.

We are still working with a few customers who have not yet received
their upgrades from FrameMaker 4 to FrameMaker Release 5. Those
customers will receive version 5.0.1.

Customers who purchase FrameMaker version 5.0 between 9/1/95 and
11/1/95 will receive a 5.0.1 update free of charge. They are required
to provide proof of purchase to Order Administration. You can FAX
your proof of purchase to 408-975-6616.

FrameMaker Release 5 customers who are not on FSS (and purchased
FrameMaker before 9/1/95) may purchase the 5.0.1 update from Frame
Technology for $25. For U.S. and Canada, please call our Order
Administration department: 408-975-6161 (7am-5pm Pacific) to order
your update. The default media will be CD-ROM. If you need diskette
media, please indicate that when you order.

The Macintosh and Windows 5.0.1 updates will also available via ftp
and WWW.



To download the update from the World Wide Web, connect to the
Frame home page and go to the Support section. Choose "Frame
Technical Support Files" and select Mac or DOS. The update will
be on the file list.

Please note: The online Macintosh and Windows update will be in excess
of 14MB each. The UNIX 5.0.1 updates will NOT be available online due
to size.

FUS customers will receive the update, free of charge, via the
distributor/partner. For non-FUS customers, there is an update
available from Frame's distributor partners for a media fee of


Feature enhancements include:

Two new hypertext commands (gotoObjectIdFitWin and openObjectIdFitWin)

Enhanced TIFF import performance/cache

WorldScript support re-enabled (Macintosh only)

Listed below are some specific fixes that are included in the 5.0.1
release. The list is not comprehensive but it captures many of the
bugs which were reported by a large portion of the customer base.
There are categories listed by platform as well as a final category of
bugs which were core bugs (found in all platforms and fixed in all

There were a number of random crashes fixed in this release (for all
platforms). Due in large part to the cryptic nature of those bug
descriptions, many of them are not listed below. We do not want to
imply that every crash reported has been fixed. Overall, not every
reported crash can be reproduced in a manner that enables us to
determine the cause and provide a fix.

MS-Windows specific items fixed in 5.0.1:

Pair Kerning broken (98242)

Resource leak when importing many imagemark supported graphics (97409)

OLE support broken (97264)

Thumbnails of landscape docs won't print (97327)

Filename prefix changes after generating PDF file (98696)

Mac specific items fixed in 5.0.1:

The Open button in the Object Properties dialog box and the
Open Pulbisher button in the Subscriber Option dialog box
failed to go to the source. (96710)

Internal error 547016,484316 (PowerMac) and 4210980,52433296
when attempting to print from a book file with the Graphic tool
palette open. (98207)

The entire file prints when attempting to print a page range with
incorrect page numbers specified. (96972)

Various Internal errors which resulted when attempting to rearrange
files in a book. (97007 & 98648)

Negative pages numbers fail to print unless individually
specified. (97993)

UNIX Specific items fixed in 5.0.1:

fmbatch (HP) can't print book file without opening documents (96766)

Doc Compare file and book crashes (99332 & 98501)

Bus Error conflict of fmbatch with Solaris 2.5 (97496)

Problem with run-in paragraphs and anchored frames (96283)

Maker crashes when applying a master page to a body page when
autoconnect is not turned on. (97492)

Install program reports that installation was successful when actually,
the install failed due to "file system full" problem. (96436)

Problems importing MIF files containing EPSI graphics (96586)

Multiple Platform (these items found and fixed in all platforms):

Various crashes which result with a table title set to below.

Character formats are not brought over to the TOC. (96817)

Anchored Frame dialog doesn't retain last settings. (89540 & 93208)

Index doesn't work from Book fie via Acrobat (96902)

Various problems with positioning of change bars (96944)

Crash resulting from the application of a hidden condition tag
being applied to an achored frame (98022)

Random crashes when deleting spaces in a file with Smart Spaces
enabled (97923)

Text in Body column doesn't repack after paragraphs in a sidehead
are deleted (97618)

Text insets cause RTF export to fail (97924)

There is a new HTML Lite filter available from Quadralay for all
platforms. The CD-ROM media for 5.0.1 will include the new filter. To
obtain it via ftp:

ftp (
login: anonymous
password: your e-mail address
ftp> cd htmllite
ftp> binary
ftp> get MacHTMLLite.hqx - for Macintosh
ftp> get - for Windows
ftp> get xmotif.tar.gz - for all UNIX platforms
ftp> quit

All installations follow the install card after uncompressing. (The UNIX
version also needs to extract the tar image.)

Please contact Quadralay Corporation (512) 305-0240 if you have any
questions on the above fixes or have trouble downloading the fix from
their ftp server.


Frame Technology Commences Proxy Mailing Regarding Proposed Acquisition
by Adobe Systems Shareholder Meeting Set for October 26, 1995

SAN JOSE, CA -September 25, 1995 - Frame Technology Corporation
(Nasdaq:FRAM)--publisher of the award-winning FrameMaker document
publishing software--today announced that it has commenced the mailing
of the notice of special shareholder meeting and proxy statement
regarding a special meeting of shareholders to be held at 9:00 a.m.
Thursday, October 26, 1995 at Frame's executive offices, 333 West San
Carlos Street in San Jose.

The purpose of the special meeting is for Frame shareholders to
consider and vote on the proposed acquisition of Frame by Adobe Systems
Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE).

Based in Mountain View, CA, Adobe develops, markets, and supports
computer software products and technologies that enable users to
create, display, print, and communicate electronic documents. The
company licenses its technology to major computer, printing, and
publishing suppliers and markets a line of applications software and
type products for authoring visually rich documents. Additionally, the
company markets a line of powerful, but easy to use products for home
and small business users.

Frame Technology Corporation provides award-winning document creation,
management, and distribution software for individuals and workgroups.
Frame's products are widely recognized for their PC, Macintosh, and
UNIX cross-platform compatibility, enabling individuals, companies,
government agencies, and academic institutions to increase productivity
by leveraging their valuable business and research data. Internet users
can access Frame's World Wide Web documents at
Frame Technology is located at 333 West San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA

Frame, FrameMaker, and Frame Technology are registered trademarks of
Frame Technology Corporation. Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems
Incorporated, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All
other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective holders.


Q: What's the status on an OS/2 port of FrameMaker release 5?

A: An OS/2 port is on our engineering schedule as previously announced
in March of this year. Our intention is to provide a product in Q4,
1995. One caveat is that the Press Release announcement was made
before Adobe made their bid on June 22nd to acquire Frame Technology.
It's not possible at this time for us to pinpoint the product release
schedules of our combined organizations. The acquisition is slated to
be complete at the end of October, 1995.
Q: Does FrameMaker release 5 for MS-Windows run under Windows 95? Does
it run under OS/2 or NT?

A: Given the release schedule of Windows 95, we were unable to
do our own testing and validation of that environment before we
shipped FrameMaker release 5. However, Microsoft has posted
information on their web pages indicating that version 3, 4 and
5 of FrameMaker will run under Windows 95.

Release 5 of FrameMaker will not run under OS/2 because the level
of Win32s we require is beyond the level currently supported by OS/2.

Release 5 of FrameMaker for MS-Windows will run under NT (as reported
to us by other users) but it is not a supported environment. In other
words, you will likely have good success running it under NT but should
you encounter any problems, our ability to provide support may be
Q: Is there a version of FrameMaker that will run under Linux? Will
your SCO version work under Linux?

A: There is not a Linux port of FrameMaker on our engineering schedule
at this time. We have a continuing effort within our Marketing
organization to gauge our porting efforts to meet the needs of the
marketplace when possible. As much as we'd like to be on every
hardware platform and run in every operating environment, it is not a
feasible goal.

As to the issue of our SCO product running under Linux, we do not
support the SCO product in any environment other than ODT. We
have heard from various customers who have made the effort to get
it running under Linux and their attempts have been unsuccessful.


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