Re: Pysdo-spam from Findlay (LONG)

Subject: Re: Pysdo-spam from Findlay (LONG)
From: Debbie Lemasters <Debbie -dot- Lemasters -at- MARCAM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 17:18:01 -0400

> Thanks to Debbie L., Lois H., and Elisa M. for not falling to the
>some others in this group have and by actually taking the requests from this
>particular University of Findlay student seriously.
> Scott Needels
>p.s. For those who care, yes, I will be unsubscribing.


I'm sorry you took their words to heart. The electronic
media puts the hardest of all edges on things not
meant to be so harsh. There's no way to smile to
soften a pointed suggestion. There's no tone of voice.
There's no body language. You could not have known
that for the past several weeks, we have been
inundated with spammers who have sent ridiculous
off-topic and even baiting messages to the list.
You might not know that many on the list are paying
for their subscription access out of their own pockets
and don't appreciate unnecessary postings. Some of
these folks download from the list at Oklahoma State
University to places like Sydney, Australia and
Frankfurt, Germany.

There will always be those who speak before they
think. I haven't been on the Internet very long yet
myself. I feel that the postings I now make return the
acts of kindness I received when I was still obviously

Remember: there are always those people who
won't ever use their turn signals before they change
lanes. (My pet peeve. . . and a feeble attempt to
make you smile.)

I'd hate to see you write off the list because of the
current frustration with off-topic posts and spammers.
By the way, the first posting from one of your fellow
students at the FINDLAY address talking about
"big-boned babes" did nothing to help set the stage
for the rest of the requests coming from your class.

We are all hard at work meeting deadlines. Not
unlike school, I know. But I have been working for
9 days straight trying to meet a nearly impossible
deadline, hammering away, staring at my monitor for
close to 10 hours a day. It was beautiful here in
Atlanta last weekend but I was locked up inside
getting another 20 hours of work done. I never did that
in college. Lots of us are in binds like this. So. . .sometimes,
people lose their patience. Write them off. But don't
write the list off. I think I read somewhere that there are
1,500 subscribers to the list. Did you get 1,497 complaints?

Or, did you get 3 useful answers to your request?

Debbie Lemasters (Debbie L.)
debbie -dot- lemasters -at- marcam -dot- com

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