Subject: Re: SGML
From: Linda Moore <lmoore -at- ONRAMP -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 23:15:25 -0500


The contact name for Arbortext is Roger Manack, (714) 509 - 6550. Tell him
that I gave referred you. By the way, that is a California area code.



>Thanks for the info about SGML. I find it interesting that a lot of people
>researching this topic, but hardly anyone has actually implemented SGML.

>I would like to hear more about Arbortext. Do you have a number or email
>address for that company?


>Caryn Rizell

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>Subject: Re: SGML
>Author: Non-HP-lmoore (lmoore -at- onramp -dot- net) at HP-Roseville,unixgw3
>Date: 10/12/95 2:58 PM


>Arbortext is probably the best authoring tool for SGML currently. I am not
>using SGML but I have been educating myself about SGML. I know of a number
>of companies that have limited SGML applications.

>SGML Author for Word has gotten very bad press. The FrameMaker+SGML has not
>been released yet so no feedback there yet. Supposedly, this release will
>produce public domain SGML and there is an open ended range of DTD that can
>be formulated under FrameMaker+SGML.

>The reason that most people that I have talked to prefer Arbortext is that
>it does the best job of enforcing the rules that are defined in the DTD.

>Tell me more about what you are doing and how you are wanting to use. There
>are two very key issues that need to be dealt with at the very beginning.
>One is the do a thorough document analysis and to get all parties that are
>going to be using (input or output) to buy into the rules and the other is
>to have strong political support for your project.

>What does this mean? Since we have all gotten used to WYSIWYG, there are
>always people in any organization that want to deviate from the pre-defined
>structure of the document. You do the analysis very thoroughly and get
>everyone to buy in, one way or another. Then, if problems arise, as they
>will you have the leverage to resolve them satisfactorily.

>There are any number of very good SGML books out. You might want to pick up
>a copy.

>Hope this helps.

>Lone Star Chapter
>Manager of SGML PIC

>>Item Subject: cc:Mail Text
>>Are any of you using SGML to develop online documents? If so, what tools
>>are you using? FrameMaker+SGML, SGML Author for Word, others?
>>Any feelings on SGML? Advantages, disadvantages?
>>As you can see, this is very open-ended. We are looking at SGML as a way
>>to create a variety of documents (paper, online, HTML). There is a lot of
>>talk about SGML, but I haven't found very many people that are actually
>>using SGML.
>>Any responses/comments will be appreciated.
>>Caryn Rizell

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