Re: Cross-Referencing Page Numbers Between Files in Word

Subject: Re: Cross-Referencing Page Numbers Between Files in Word
From: "DTN 522-6614, OEM Information Products" <lord -at- SSDEVO -dot- ENET -dot- DEC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:58:59 PDT

A week or so ago Brian Hartzog asked:
"Does anyone know of a way to cross-reference a page number in a Word file
different from the one in which you are working? ...
I've also tried the following fields: INCLUDETEXT, PAGEREF, and LINK. I'd love
to know if anyone has a work-around."

I posted a reply on the Word-PC list and replyed to Brian directly with a
solution, and he said he's had a lot of mail traffic from folks on this list
with the same problem. So, for what it's worth on TECHWR-L:


You can cross ref page numbers in other files in the following manner:

(In the following description, "target file" refers to the external file with
the page number to which you want to cross reference. "home file" refers to the
file in which the page number result will reside.)

1. In the target file, right next to the information to which you wish to
refer, enter the following field:

{set pagemark "{page}"}

This uses the nested {page} field to set up a bookmark by the name of "pagemark"
with the value of the current page.

2. In the home file, insert the following field in the location you want the
referenced page to appear:

{Includetext targetfilename "pagemark"}

The value of this field is the value of the page number from the target file.

Hope this helps.


Bob Lord
OEM Information Products "A very awed fellow!"
Digital Equipment Corporation
lord -at- ssdevo -dot- enet -dot- dec -dot- com
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