Re: Fig. or Figs.?

Subject: Re: Fig. or Figs.?
From: Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- FRAME -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 08:42:56 CDT

At 10:25 10/27/95 +0900, you wrote:
>I'm working with a medical text that refers to several figures at one time.
>Question: is it better to use the singular or plural form in such as case,
>i.e. (see Fig. 1-4) or (see Figs. 1-4), or is either style okay as long as
>the usage is consistent?

>Any help appreciated.


I've never been comfortable with abbreviating "Figure." I never see
abbreviations for "Table" which has only one fewer letter than Figure. Is
there not enough room to spell it out? I would even spell out "Figures 1 to
4" or "Figure 1 to Figure 4." Yeah, wordy. I'm sorry, but "see Fig. 1-4"
doesn't tell me much information. IMHO, it tells me that I need one to four
cookies or that it's a fig of my imagination.

My $.02 (I remember when there were "cents" signs -- was that during the
"pre-computer" era?)

Betsy Maaks
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