Re: PageMaker? what to do.

Subject: Re: PageMaker? what to do.
From: "E. M. Murphy" <MurphyAssc -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 18:57:15 -0500

Sounds like you didn't really need a new client.

In the future you might consider the following:

"Yes, I've used PageMaker but I don't have the lastest version running on my
system. I would be happy to do the job if you would loan me one of your
Pagemaker licenses for the duration of the contract. I would also be happy
to sign a letter stating that I will return all PageMaker diskettes and
remove your copy of PageMaker from my system upon completion of the

Using this type of conversation, I've had clients supply me with Word
Perfect, Ventura Publisher DOS/GEM, Quark Xpress Mac, Ventura Publisher
Windows, ABC Flowcharter, PageMaker and FrameMaker Windows. Of these, the
only one I use on a regular basis is Frame so I bought my own copy. The rest
are long gone. This keeps my skill level current without blowing all the
profits out the window.

You might also keep in mind that as a freelance writer you are front line
customer service. In a premier customer service organization, when the
customer says "Jump" you say "How high" not "But I don't have the right shoes
for jumping"


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