Re[2]: The Technical Writer's Freelancing

Subject: Re[2]: The Technical Writer's Freelancing
From: Rod Franklin <franklir -at- TCPLINK -dot- NREL -dot- GOV>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 09:54:35 MDT

Peter: Along these lines, another issue to discuss might be rule
#1542. Excuse me if this is already in your book; I haven't had time
to look at it again.

I posted a query on this subject a few weeks ago after an Atlanta
recruiter called and told me I could declare $19.60 of a $24 hourly
fee as nontaxable per diem if I maintained a home in another state.
This would have translated into $784 of gross nontaxed pay per week!

I didn't get many responses to my post. Do you know anything about

Rod Franklin

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Subject: Re: The Technical Writer's Freelancing
Author: Peter Kent <71601 -dot- 1266 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM> at SMTP
Date: 11/2/95 5:33 PM

>> Peter Kent's writing his book is out of print was excellent timing because
I am writing a chapter newsletter article suggesting readers get the book if
serious about contracting. I will not loan my copy until it is back in

I hope to have it ready early next year.

>> If I had to suggest one topic to add it would be updating information on
IRS Code Paragraph 1706 and Regulation Ruling 87-44, both regarding tests as
to whether an independent contractor is a company employee in disguise. The
ruling is soon to be condensed, a lawyer said last week.<<

Okay, thanks. I'll follow up on this.

>> I have only ran into this once in the past six years, but several lawyers
say that I will run into it more. It cost me $10 off my hourly rate at one
assignment. It sounds like to be safe, we are going to have to look and act
more like consultants. Thank you for your book, Peter.<<

How did it cost you $10? You mean you had to find an agency to work through?
The odd thing is that working through an agency is not really protection,
though many employers think it is (and the agencies will tell you it is, of

Thanks for your help,

Peter Kent

E-mail from: Peter Kent, 02-Nov-1995

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