Translation English PageMaker Docs to Japanese PageMaker ???

Subject: Translation English PageMaker Docs to Japanese PageMaker ???
From: Larry McGowan <lmmcgown -at- WINTERNET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 08:06:56 GMT

Greetings TECHW-Lers,

I have questions needing some expert feedback. I am working with a
company which recently decided to sell products in Japan. Documentation
for the product line is in English PageMaker 5.0 (Mac and P.C.) formats.
The company has hired an individual from Japan who will be responsible
for updating the product line's documentation into the Japanese language
using DOS/V, Windows 3.1J (Japanese versions of DOS and Windows), and
the Aldobus (Adobe/Aldus) version of Japanese PageMager 5.0J.

My question is quite broad in that I have never been involved this
directly in documentation translation before.

What problems may be encountered using MSDOS and Windows 3.1 (American)
with the Japanese versions of DOS and Windows?

What problems may be encountered using PageMaker 5.0 (American) with
the Japanese version of PageMaker?

What issues or glitches may be encountered when American PageMaker files
are loaded/imported in the Japanese version of PageMaker?

What page layout issues may be encountered in updating the American
documents to Japanese? (I am aware of how Japanese text is written and
read, top to bottom) Will the text area need to be larger as English to
most European languages or less and is there a percent *average* of text

Most art for the documentation has been created in Adobe Illustrator. As
a general practice labeling of figures has been done in PageMaker rather
than Illustrator. (Consistent type sizes is easier this way.) I assume
no rework of the existing art shall be needed. Is this assumption

Please send all replies to my email box rather than post to this
newsgroup. If enough people request a summary, I will post one here in a
week or two. If a few request a summary, I will email direct to all that
request the summary.

Larry McGowan
Freelance Illustrator, Designer and WebWonk
As important what you what you say is,
it's the presentation that helps gain
and maintain their attention.
lmmcgown -at- winternet -dot- com
CompuServe 73072,3275

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