Re: SyQuest or ZIP Drive?

Subject: Re: SyQuest or ZIP Drive?
From: David Mitchell <mitchell -at- SKY -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 08:20:13 +0000

> ZIP drives are hard to get because of the overwhelming demand. SyQuest
> drives offer more capacity (135MB vs 100MB if I recall correctly) and
> faster access (13ms vs 20ms) and faster thruput. The cost is about the
> same for both. ZIP drives came out first, so demand developed for them
> first. I have no information about reliability, durability, etc.

> Developed is proceeding rapidly in this area. There is talk of an
> amazing 1GB disks within a few years.

Actually, Iomega just started shipping their Jaz drives. $500 drive
(with 1 cartridge) additional 1GB cartridges $100. Uses hard disks,
like SyQuests (faster, better throughput). Of course, SyQuest says
they'll have a competiting drive real soon.

Ain't technology great?

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