Re: profanity

Subject: Re: profanity
From: "T. Tarbox Kiersted" <ttarbox -at- MONSTERBIT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 02:54:00 CST

>My use of profane language almost always comes as part of controlled,
>deliberate intent, as it did in this case.

Your rudeness is no accident? That is supposed to make us think better of you?

>I do not advocate anarchy in
>the language or a descent into ubiquitous vulgarity. However, the use
>of coarse language has its place in our society and can be an effective
>means of communication.

The trouble seems to be that you think this is the place, and others don't.

>Of course, some people will be offended by the use of words such as
>"fucking," often reacting as though such words come from the devil himself.
>But someone easily offended by an occasional profanity ought to focus
>their petulant attention on the events all around us that are far more
>offensive: physical violence, deception, sloth, and excessive materialism.

This is the most ludicrous, self-aggrandizing bunch of mumbo-jumbo I've
ever heard. Maybe I think defecating on my hosts carpet is an appropriate
response to her serving soggy eggrolls. I thoughtfully and deliberately
lower my trousers and proceed. To anyone who complains about my behavior, I
tell them to think about events all around us that are far more offensive:
physical violence, deception, sloth, and excessive materialism. Does this
justify my behavior? Does it make it less rude?

>If my colleagues think less of me for my use of a particular word, one
>directed at no particular individual or group, then that is a consequence
>I am willing to live with.

But what if we're not willing to put up with rudeness?

>I grew up in a blue collar town. I lived with, played with, fought with,
>and learned with the sons and daughters of working class people. Of that
>I am proud.

Me, too, and all my inlaws.

>Such people are unpretentious and communicate with others
>directly, and use coarse language when appropriate.

The whole thing is context. And my family and friends woul NEVER use that
language in mixed company. EVER. If you used language like that in the
wrong context, you'd be a pariah at best and collect offers from folks
who'd like to knock your teeth in for you at the worst.

>Most often, I would
>rather be direct than use flowery language or innuendo.

You have a ridiculously blinkered, narrow idea of your options. I don't
know if it is a failure of your intellect or your imagination, but you have
not exhausted all the options. They go beyond obscenity, flowery language,
and innuendo.

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