Re: Unskilled Tech Writing Managers

Subject: Re: Unskilled Tech Writing Managers
From: "Cheverie, Paul [Cont]" <paul -dot- cheverie -at- GPO -dot- CANADA -dot- CDEV -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 10:39:00 EST

You wrote:
>If you are managing publishing services, I would appreciate a dollar figure
>(per hour) that you place on your perceived value for these services:
>* writing
>* editing
>* production
>* conversion between applications (e.g., Pagemaker, Word, Framemaker)
>* conversion between platforms (e.g., MAC-Windows)
>* translation
>* Other (please specify)

The information you are seeking is largely company/corporate protected

>Either there are no managers out there, or those who are on this list have
>no business knowledge. Tech communicators should not only have
>skills but also business skills.

There may well be managers on this list (I'm not yet one of them, but I
do freelance some). As for business knowledge, I am not about to give away
my ability to compete by throwing out my price list in a public forum. That
doesn't mean I'm not willing to discuss costs and prices in a private
manner. I am almost always willing to help out a colleague when I can
(although I do reserve the right to choose not to help someone I think will
use it against me).
Your implication that members of this list are lacking in business
skills is appallingly foolhardy for someone seeking information from us.
When someone has something I need, I find a little consideration and
courtesy go a long way to establishing a profitable relationship for both of
Speaking of profit (and in recognition of your "business skills"
statement: What are you bringing to the table? Someone, probably many
people, on this list has the information you are looking for. What are you
willing to trade for it? What have you got that I might consider worth the

Best of Luck
Paul Cheverie
Email: paul -dot- cheverie -at- gpo -dot- canada -dot- cdev -dot- com

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