zip drives

Subject: zip drives
From: Eileen Parzek <turtle -at- MAIL -dot- ALBANY -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 19:07:38 -0500

Obviously its a matter of preference and need whether someone goes
with Syquest Tape or something like the Zip Drive. I did want to clear
up a couple misundertandings mentioned in an earlier posting. The name
'zip' refers to zip as in 'speedy', because the product is touted as
being very fast, near to hard drive rates. It configures as a new
drive letter in your file manager, so you can drag and drop files onto
that drive and onto the 100mb disk, the same as you would drop a file
onto a floppy in your A: drive, on the fly. Compression, to the best
of my knowledge is similar to how you would compress your hard drive
(Disk Doubler might sound familiar to some). The size (1 lb, small) of
the drive, the ease of use and price of the disks and the drives ($199
for a drive w/ a disk bundled, 3 pack of disks for around $50) make it
convenient for a couple things, such as archiving files and easily
retrieving them, easily transporting the drive and disk to another
location, and the fact that you can a put a large presentation AND the
software application on the disk and play from it hooked up to another

The second piece of info is that most places are able to ship drives
almost immediately, and disks are are backordered about 3 weeks.
Apparently, Iomega stepped up production, big time I know all this
because I studied all the alternatives, bugged a lot of people for
testimonials (not a complaint heard), and bought one recently.

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