Subject: Profanity
From: George Allaman <gallama -at- LOOKOUT -dot- ECTE -dot- USWC -dot- USWEST -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 16:43:08 -0700

I am thoroughly enjoying all the flaming this subject has generated!
Furthermore, I do not consider it an open-and-close subject, as do others
who would like to see the thread die.

However, I think flaming is not the best response. Like the subject of
abortion, this one is fundamentally unstable - there is no neutral
position. What you can do is exercise a little moderation and perspective.

I think the use of profanity is appropriate only if the audience thinks
it's appropriate. I think that an open listserv such as this is a poor
place for it since one doesn't know the audience, but I also think that
anyone who reads an open forum such as this is a little prissy to flame
when someone does use the occasional profanity.

I can remember places where I have found profanity expressive,
entertaining and useful: stand up comedy; dark, gritty "realistic" movies
and plays. I can also picture places where it has been offensive and
embarrassing to me (and I am no angel): on the bus or in an elevator; in
just about any public place; in literature or movies where it is overused
to no apparent end.

I would not make a decision to read or not read a book, see or not see a
movie, based solely on profane content. However, I would definitely pan
one after reading or seeing it if I thought the profanity was used purely
for a shock effect that I did not find artistic.

Therefore, in general, I feel that if I used profanity and ANYONE
objected, I would have made a mistake. This seems to me to be the most
practical position on the matter. Anybody agree?

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