Re: profanity...STOP THIS! NOW!!

Subject: Re: profanity...STOP THIS! NOW!!
From: "Bledsoe,Bill" <bledsoebl -at- AGEDWARDS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 11:06:57 -0600

<Flame Thrower = Turbo>
Here's a newsflash for both of you: The list is about TECHNICAL
COMMUNICATION, not communication. If people want to debate the value of
profanity in COMMUNICATION, I strongly suggest they find another list. I
would defend their "right" to discuss it, in the appropriate lists, to

This is not about censorship, and don't try to spin it that way. This list
provides a forum for an academic and professional discussion of issues that
relate to TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION. I'd fight to the death for a person's
right to post this in the appropriate list, wherever that may be.

By the way I am able to use the delete key, and have deleted most of the
posts on profanity without reading them.
<Flame Thrower = Off>

When we perpetuate junk like this on the list, people who are paying $$ out
of their own pocket are getting this stuff too. Think about the
appropriateness of your post to all or a majority of the list prior to
hitting the send key. Not everyone has T3 coming in the front door to a
$40,000 server. Some of these people have to pay for the messages they get.

EJR: I tried to keep this flaming off-list but one of the addresses posted
to the list, so... it's an honor thing.

Grumblingly yours,
Bill Bledsoe
"I'm not speaking for Ben because he doesn't speak for me. We like it that
To: Bledsoe,Bill
Subject: Re: profanity...STOP THIS! NOW!!
Date: Monday, November 13, 1995 10:46AM


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