To all the nitpickers ...

Subject: To all the nitpickers ...
From: Simon North <snorth -at- TEDOPRES -dot- NL>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 08:49:53 GMT

I could not resist posting the following poem I found on the twins
list. With apologies if it is considered as off-topic, it did seem
dreadfully appropriate:

I shot a query into the 'net.
I haven't got an answer yet,
But seven people gave me hell
And said I ought to learn to spell;

A posted message called me rotten
For ignoring mail I'd never gotten;
An angry message asked me, Please
Don't send such drivel overseas;

A lawyer sent me private mail
And swore he'd slap my a** in jail --
I'd mentioned Un*x in my gem
And failed to add the T and M;

One netter thought it was a hoax:
"Hereafter, post to net dot jokes!";
And called my grammar vile
And criticized my writing style.

Each day I scan each Subject line
In hopes the topic will be mine;
I shot a query into the 'net.
I haven't got an answer yet ...

with thanks to Steve Greenfield.

<steve_greenfield%hpgate -at- mailserv -dot- talligent -dot- com>

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