Re: How much RAM?

Subject: Re: How much RAM?
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 12:37:28 -0500

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> >I upgraded from 8MB to 16MB about a 6 months ago. I'm seriously
> >adding another 16MB.
> >
> >I run Win95 with the MS Office suite, CorelDraw3, Micrografx
> >(including their photo touchup package), PaintShopPro, and PagePlus2 for
> >little bit of true DTP I do.
I run win95; Pagemaker 5.0; Corel 4.0 (now 5.0) word 6.0 (now run word for
win95); Photostyler; Corel Photopaint; PSP 3.0 adn have no problems ata ll.
I also have a 28MB poster I have done, for submission to Paramount, (I wanna
do some startrek stuff) taht I load into Corel and edit and saave and no

> One of the more common causes of General Protection Faults in Windows 3.x
> lack of memory - loading a large file fills up the RAM and the file can
Go into your virtual memory settings, and set the minimum swap file size
around 10-12 meg.. Win will tell you that it doesn't need that much, "so
what - do what I tell you" is the attitude you need to take with Windows.. :
o) No, really. .anyhow, my swap file is set at 15MB min size.. I only have
8MB on my laptop, so want plenty of room. I like to have two or three apps
up at once and alt-tab between 'em.

> Now, I can't speak authoritatively for Windows95, but I believe it uses a
> similar swapfile scheme now (at least when running within the GUI). As
long as
> you're using native 32-bit applications, you're generally safe from GPFs
> well, since they do run in protected mode. However, watch out loading up
> of your old Win3.x apps, since they can still cause the same problems for
> same reasons.

> But again, the same performance issue arises - once the system has to
> swapping to disk, it's going to slow down. The more RAM you have, the
less it
> has to swap.

Matt, as usual on tech topics, is correct. :o) No, really, he is very..
extreemely well versed, in tech issues. ... IT still uses the swap file.
They, MS that is, have improved Win handling of things. I find a difference
, in running the same app's, that I ran under win3.1 & 3.11. I also use
SoftRam. It is a ram compression util. It compresses the data going to RAM
, so cuts down on accesing the drive swap file, which, as Matt pointed out,
is a slow down and major problem, with windows handling of the GUI. The box
makes it sound like it "virtually" doubles your RAM.. Kinda ignore what the
box sez and load it. You won't notice much (if any speed increase), ti just
decreases teh accessing of teh swapfile.

Stuart Reynolds
stuartr -at- firstgraphics -dot- com
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Layout, Manuals, Tech Writing
Exhibition Graphics, Brochures
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