Re: Adobe PageMill

Subject: Re: Adobe PageMill
From: Tommy Trussell <twt -at- CEI -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 17:54:15 -0600

>Has anyone used the new HTML editor--Adobe PageMill? A friend of mine has
>just installed it and says it is nice. I am thinking about buying it, but
>wanted to hear about it from other users first.

I'm using it, and find it useful. I was sold when I saw a demo by a couple
of Apple representatives where they made a clickable image map and other
links on a page VERY quickly. The software makes it very easy to get pages
up and running (or edit existing ones) with links, graphics, and decent
formatting. I cleaned up a poorly-done web site in minutes, after using
the software only a short time.

It does have some limitations, and I find myself switching between it, a
text editor (to tweak or add tags it doesn't know about), and a couple of
browsers (since it's only WYSIWYG for the tags it knows). Fortunately,
Apple's Drag and Drop in the Finder (to open a file) makes this almost

The software exploits a few of the Netscape extensions, but is missing
several HTML 3.0 constructs -- most notably tables. Nevertheless I find it
an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. We PageMill users are hoping
Adobe keeps those software updates coming! (And are eagerly awaiting
SiteMill, which has more features to appeal to web administrators.)

Information about PageMill appears on the Adobe web site:

Information about the unofficial PageMill EMail list appears on the
PageMill-Talk Home Page located at:

--Tommy Trussell

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