Re: GPA on Resume

Subject: Re: GPA on Resume
From: Daniel Fierro <dfierro -at- ST6000 -dot- SCT -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 11:34:22 -0500

Sarah -

In my reply to Tim Altom, I was using fecundity in reference to having
children. I'm sure you knew
that and were just trying to make a point about misconstruing things, right?

Anyway, in reference to your full plate analogy, I have two children, one
on the way, and I am
maintaining a 3.75 GPA in a TCOM Masters program at Southern Tech. What's
the big deal?

I would want a prospective employer to focus on my GPA, not my
reproductive success.

Mr. Altom uses his sig to identify himself as a Vice President of his
company. If he were to find
himself in the position of interviewing a prospective, litigious minded
employee, that person might
misconstrue Mr. Altom's questions as a violation of fair hiring practices
and sue the snot out of

As far as decompiling a competitor's code, my company's code of ethics
would prevent a person
engaging in such activity from being hired, counsel (warn) an employee who
engaged in such
activity, and fire an employee who continued to engage in such activity.

$.01. (Your change). :)
Dan Fierro
dfierro -at- lanier -dot- com
dfierro -at- sct -dot- edu
danfierro -at- aol -dot- com

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