Re: Tech Writer Position in Northern VA

Subject: Re: Tech Writer Position in Northern VA
From: "Cramer, Kim" <kcramer -at- NCSLINK -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 10:23:00 -0700

I also agree. In the Phoenix area, this is the salary range for a
"fresh-out" or intern who has no experience beyond college projects. They
probably know Word, but the chance that they have industry experience or
already know a Help development tool is practically zero. I, of course,
don't mean to imply that they couldn't learn in a reasonable amount of time,
but the likelihood of the company finding an experienced writer for that
salary, well... just say that I wouldn't be interested in a position paying
that little!

On the profanity thread - I think we need to remember that words are just
letters joined together. The meaning we give to a word is based on OUR OWN
INTERPRETATION of the word in OUR OWN SOCIETAL CONTEXT. This means that a
word's meaning (and it's personal impact) varies from person to person. I
do think it's unfair for one person to form value judgements about another
just because the first person was TAUGHT to be offended by a particular
word. I, for example, am not bothered by so-called profanity - it's just
another word to me!

I would like to suggest that we all act as adults and realize that our
differences on this issue are just that - differences, and differences are
OK. I don't think it's fair for one person to insist that others comply
with their personal standards, especially when we're discussing things among
"friends." If certain words offend you - don't read them. And let's just
get on with discussions of real issues that impact our shared profession.

This is my first posting to the list - I just joined a few weeks ago. I
have a feeling I'm going get hooked on the Internet and it's all your
fault.... Thanks! I've already gleaned lots of useful info and enjoyed
several good laughs.

Kim Cramer
kcramer -at- ncslink -dot- com
Information Developer
NCS Education

From: David Mitchell
To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L
Subject: Re: Tech Writer Position in Northern VA
Date: Thursday, November 09, 1995 3:53PM

I agree. I live in Kansas City, which has a much lower cost of
living, and my impression was that the amount was very low.

> I was a bit surprised, to say the least, by the salary for this position.
> Is this really the going rate for the DC area? Seems very low to me.
> Caryn Rizell

>> Technical Writer $23K - 26K (based on experience level)
>> The Arlington, VA office of a custom software consulting firm is seeking

>> <<highly motivated>>, creative, and diverse Technical Writer to handle a
>> variety of writing projects.
>> Who we are: A fast-paced, yet very stable software development consulting
>> firm. Who we love: people who are driven to excel -- people who create
>> opportunities and run with them. Who we need: A experienced Technical
>> Writer/Editor (at least 2 years, please) with a degree in English (or
>> Liberal Arts degree with writing/communications emphasis) and proficiency
>> Word 6 and WP 5.1 (Dos). Any other packages (like Doc-To-Help) would be

>> definite plus.

David Mitchell David's Web Spot
mitchell -at- sky -dot- net
GTW s+:- v+++ W++$>++++ po--- b++ e++ u-

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