Re: Problems with RTFTOHTML

Subject: Re: Problems with RTFTOHTML
From: Sandra Kinion <wn878 -at- FREENET -dot- VICTORIA -dot- BC -dot- CA>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 15:11:23 -0800


On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Michael P. O'Lear wrote:

> Keith Soltys -- ksoltys -at- io -dot- org --
> wrote about using rtftohtml:

> >RTFTOHTML would be good enough for my purposes, if I could get it to
> >generate a table of contents linked to the headers in the document. According
> >to the docs, it will do this, but I cannot get it to work using the styles
> >that are in our documents. Our standard template uses the heading styles:
> >Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and so on. RTFTOHTML expects: heading 1
> >heading 2, heading 3, and so on. You can edit a translation table in one
> >of the configuration files to allow for this, at least the docs say that you
> >can, but I can't get it to work. I could write a macro to change the styles
> >in our documents from "Heading n" to "heading n", but this adds an extra
> >step to the conversion process.

> Make sure "Table of Contents" is selected in the rtftohtml prefernces
> dialog box (Choose PREFERENCES from the EDIT menu). If it is, you need to
> make changes to the html-trans file.

> You can make rtftohtml translate any MSWord style to an HTML style by
> editing the text file named "html-trans".

> Towards the end of that file is the PMatch table (for a portion of this
> table, see the end of this message) that rtftohtml uses to translate a
> paragraph style into an html file.

> For headings to be used to create a table of contents, or to be converted
> to html headings with the <H1>, <H2> codes, rtftohtml expects to see a
> paragraph styles with the names:

> heading 1,hd
> heading 2,hd
> heading 3,hd

> etc.(see lines #9-11 in the PMatch table at the end of this message)

> These are the default heading names in MSWord. If your paragraph heading
> styles are different from these, rtftohtml will not convert your heading
> stylesto HTML headings and will not create a Table of Conetnts for you
> --unless you add the information in the html-trans file.

> Here is what you need to do:
> 1. Find the html-trans file in your rtftohtml folder.
> 2. Make a copy of this file and give it a new name (like "html-trans_orig")
> so if you muck up the html-trans file while editing it you can always go
> back to the original htm-trans file.
> 3. Open the file using a word processor.
> 4. Within the html-trans file, find the PMatch table by searching for: PMatch
> 5. Find the section in the PMatch tabel that deals with headings (starts
> with "heading 1,hd1",0,"h1").

> "heading 1,hd1",0,"h1"

> The text between the first set of quotation marks is the name of the
> paragraph style that you want rtftohtml to translate. In this example, it
> is: heading 1,hd1

> The number after the style name refers to the html nesting level. All
> headings are considered to be at the top level, so in this example it is: 0
> (zero)

> The text at the end of the line, between the second set of quotation marks,
> is the name of the html style that will be used in place of the paragraph
> style. In this case it is: h1.

> 6. To make rtftohtml recognize your style names in place of the ones in the
> PMatch table, you can either edit the style name in the table or add a
> conversion entry with your style name.

> If your heading style names are "Heading 1", "Heading 2", etc (as in the
> case with Keith Soltys) :

> Edit the "heading 1,hd1",0,"h1" line to "Heading 1",0,"h1"
> Edit the "heading 2,hd2",0,"h2" line to "Heading 2",0,"h2"
> etc

> NOTE: make sure you don't delete the quotation marks.

> or

> Add the line "Heading 1",0,"h1" after the line "heading 1,hd1",0,"h1"
> Add the line "heading 2,hd1",0,"h2" after the line "heading 2,hd2",0,"h2"
> etc

> 7. Save the file as a text file (NOT an MSWord or an rtf file) with the
> name: html-trans.
> 8. Make sure the edited html-trans file is in the same folder as the
> rtftohtml application.
> 9. Start rtftohtml.
> 10. Make sure "Table of Contents" is selected in the rtftohtml prefeernces
> dialog box (Choose PREFERENCES from the EDIT menu).
> 11. From within rtftohtml open the rtf file you want to translate.

> Your Heading 1, Heading 2 etc styles should now be translated to <H1>, <H2>
> etc, and rtftohtml will use those styles to generate a separate ToC.html
> file taht has links back to the headings in the main html file.

> rtftohtml can be customized even more by editing the .PTag table. See the
> documentation that comes with rfttohtml for more information.

> rtftohtml (and the rtftohtml user's guide) is available from:

> Hope this helps.

> Portion of the PMtach table from the html-trans
> file___________________________________

> # Format:
> # "Paragraph Style",NestLevel,"ParagraphStyleName"
> # First Entry is the default if no style match. Should be level 0
> # point to a Paragraph style with no markup
> .PMatch
> "Normal,n",0,"Normal"
> # This is a required entry; tables will be formatted with this entry
> "_Table",0,"_Table"
> "heading 1,hd1",0,"h1"
> "heading 2,hd2",0,"h2"
> "heading 3,hd3",0,"h3"
> "heading 4,hd4",0,"h4"

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