Subject: SUMMARY: HTML Products
From: Michael LaTorra <mikel -at- HUEY -dot- ACCUGRAPH -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 17:53:09 MST

Thanks to the 13 people (you know who you are!) who responded to my query
about HTML editors.

Several people pointed out that there are really two classes of HTML
development products: HTML converters (such as WebMaker) and HTML editors
(such as HotDog). Converters turn wordprocessor files into HTML files.
Editors create and edit HTML files directly (and can also use ASCII files as

A total of 10 products were recommended, or at least mentioned. The cost
of these products ranged from FREE to $1,000-plus. In this
totally unscientific survey, the products most often recommended were
HTML Writer, HotDog and WebMaker.

Also, 2 respondents offered URLs or e-mail addresses for HTML resources and
discussion lists. These are given at the end of this message.

-- Mike LaTorra
mikel -at- accugraph -dot- com

HTML PRODUCTS *****************************************************

1. HotDog
Recommendations = 3
This product was recommended very often; it tied with WebMaker
and HTML Writer.

2. WebMaker
Recommendations = 3
This product was recommended very often; it tied with HotDog
and HTML Writer.

3. HTML Writer
Recommendations = 3

4. SpHyDir
Recommendations = 1

5. WebEdit
Recommendations = 1

6. Navisoft
Recommendations = 1

7. Navigator Gold
Recommendations = 1

8. Cyberleaf
Recommendations = 1

9. PageMill
Recommendations = 1

10. Internet Assistant
Recommendations = 1

WEB-HTML RESOURCE INFORMATION ***************************************

Topic: HTML authoring (discussion)
Address: listserv -at- netcentral -dot- net
Message: sub html-list Your Name

Topic: HTML authoring (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- LISTSERV -dot- UNB -dot- CA
Message: subscribe wwwdev Your Name

Topic: HTML (Writers Guild Email Discussion List)
Address: majordomo -at- list -dot- stanford -dot- edu
Message: subscribe html-authors-guild Your Address
(Web: )

Topic: SGML (some discussion of use; not a very busy list)
Address: LISTSERV%DHDURZ1 -dot- BITNET -at- CUNYVM -dot- CUNY -dot- EDU
Message: subscribe SGML-L Your Name

Topic: SGML (about the standard more than about how to use it)
Address: comp-std-sgml-request -at- naggum -dot- no
Message: subscribe comp-std-sgml Your Name

.................END OF MESSAGE...................................

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