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Subject: Re: State of the art
From: "Marvin W. Miller" <Marvin_Miller -at- SEC -dot- SEL -dot- SONY -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 11:00:45 -0800

It's a term that is really overused, misused and abused by people who write
sales literature. Do you know of any new product that's not "state of the

However, you must consider your audience. If it is indeed Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Consumer from Topeka KS, they probably would want to purchase only a "state of
the art" tractor - whatever that is. :-)

Does that mean any movie made using the PIXAR system is state of the art art?

> Call for Neologism:

> The term "state of the art" has been used for some time to refer
> to the highest level of development. In your opinion, is
> it hackneyed? I posed the question once to an STC PIC a while ago
> and one member suggested: "Bleeding edge." This may be too
> bloody for many. I considered " the fore-running cusp" for a
> softer sound, but neither terms seem adequate to me. They just
> don't have the ring of an engineering feat. I've also run
> across "state of the edge," but it's a mere substitution of one
> word for another. Any suggestions welcomed.

> Scott Goodhue
> sgoodhue -at- disclosure -dot- com

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