Finding a Job - "safe candidates"

Subject: Finding a Job - "safe candidates"
From: "Dimock, Dick" <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 11:55:00 PST

Doug posteth soothly when he posteth:

4) Remember that regardless of a company's formal policy,
it is almost always true that the best candidate does not get the
job; the *safest* candidate will usually get the job.

I got an interesting slant on "SAFE" candidates from a co-writer
who had talked with *an HR person*, (legally generic)

If you have NOT been RIFed, laid-off, down-sized, over the last
decade or so, you are viewed as NOT *SAFE* to employ.

Got that? Not laid-off = Not safe. ?? you say? Good, you got it.

The reasoning being that there are so many lay-offs that everyone
will be caught in this sooner of later. Those that do NOT get cut and
have survived several rounds of cuts are DANGEROUS. They
may have blackmail on boss, may have threatened to sue, may
make harassment charges, may blow whistles, may be old, etc.
Their company must FEAR laying them off. The hiring company,
and the HR person, will not take a chance on this dangerous person.

I hope this attitude prevails only in large corps and not in small ones.

So being "artfully senior," surviving cuts by hard work, meritorious
service, loyalty above and beyond, etc. and etc., and ad naus., may
eventually backfire on yours truly!

Ah, the wonder of it all!

Dick Dimock artfully senior techwriting employee at

AT&T GIS where HR cleverly protects itself and keeps
HR people eminently hirable by RIFing them
for their own good. See? They KNOW! And
savvy workers volunteer for layoffs knowing
the true road to glory; and
whereitsa beautifully sunny day with the blue
Pacific caressing lovely

El Segundo, CA and where savvy or not, I gotta get back to work.
The work is more, the folks is less, and all the
projects are above average. Scrolling the List.
richard -dot- dimock -at- elsegundoca -dot- attgis -dot- com
Hey! Legal People! Personal opinions. Got that? !No! Put down that

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