freelancer questions

Subject: freelancer questions
From: Mary Howe <howe -at- KUHUB -dot- CC -dot- UKANS -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 15:24:33 -0600

Hi -

I have two questions for those of you who freelance, although I'm sure
there are others with relevant answers.

1. How many word processing packages do you own? In a recent thread
there was much discussion of the value of knowing a couple and being able
to learn others. I'm wondering what you actually need to have on your
computer. I use WPWin 6.0 and the person I'm working for (my first
independent job) has Word 6. We're having conversion problems and I'm
thinking that it might be a good idea to invest in Word, or if not that,
then some very good conversion program (whatever that might be).

2. How much time do you spend organizing your clients? Obviously that
depends on the client, but I'm finding this becoming one of my roles. In
recent meetings with a group of 7 engineers, I expected to sit on the
sidelines, but they were fumbling around so badly on teeny-tiny details
that I wound up organizing the whole show, putting outlines and charts on
the board, assigning tasks, etc. I didn't mind, in fact it made my work
much easier, but I wonder how often this happens. (I was even thinking
there must be a way to put this in my biosketch - "Mom will come to your
meeting" or something like that.)

By the way, I think the recent posts from the phantom poster only happen
with people who've posted recently. I got unsubscribed from the list a
day or so after I posted last. So I feel brave about sending this.

Mary Howe

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