Re: Talking Birds (was Re: the Queen's English

Subject: Re: Talking Birds (was Re: the Queen's English
From: Jesse Kaysen <jesse -at- MAILBAG -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 15:52:50 -0400

> Diane J. Peters dj -at- ibapah -dot- raxco -dot- com
kindly tolerated my pomposities as follows:

> On the contrary. Many have taught birds to talk. Perhaps
> not pidgeons, but there are quite a few species of birds
> that can form words and phrases. Perhaps some birds even
> speak Pidgin English (or Tak Pisin). :) Thank you for the
> linguistics lesson! I sit corrected.

> Jesse the K -- Madison Wisconsin USA -- <jesse -at- mailbag -dot- com>
> replied:
> > No-one has taught birds to talk yet Diane; it's Pidgin
> > English (Tak Pisin, From the linguists term for a
> > contact language that develops
> > during the interesection of two mono-lingual cultures.

> BTW, I am unfamiliar with the use of a hyphen in the word
> "no one". Could you reply to me about this, too?

I sit abashed. Would you believe that a bird snuck in an open window and
pecked the hyphen key when I wasn't looking? I didn't think so.

I promise I won't be a nit-picking idiot again, especially since I work in
a glass office.

Diane, please accept my sincere apologies.

Jesse the K -- Madison Wisconsin USA -- <jesse -at- mailbag -dot- com>
==== my karma ran over your dogma =====

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