Re: Screen Captures

Subject: Re: Screen Captures
From: George Allaman <gallama -at- LOOKOUT -dot- ECTE -dot- USWC -dot- USWEST -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 20:05:17 -0700

> Mclear3000 -at- aol -dot- com wrote:
> : I never did find a very graceful utility to help with UNIX screen captures.
> : I ended up using a method similar to MS Windows captures, which was
> : to print the screen and paste it into any graphics program. A UNIX
> : administrator at your site should be able to tell you which UNIX print
> : commands are available to capture the screens.

> Which graphics program did you paste into? Were you ever able to
> find one that didn't dither the colors (the crosshatches you refered
> to above)?
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> Glenda Jeffrey Email: jeffrey -at- hks -dot- com

I just know you guys must know about this, but I've used xv in UNIX with
much impunity. I've never noticed the cross-hatching I've seen when
capturing (xv calls it "grab") in Windows with Print Shop Pro. The newest
version I know of is 3.10a.

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