Jobless in Seattle

Subject: Jobless in Seattle
From: John Wilcox <wilcox -at- FRUGAL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 16:32:04 -0800

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I had a hernia surgery. When I got back to work
last Monday, I had a surprise waiting: my boss gave me "the opportunity
to work for someone else." So for the past week I've been recovering
from both events.

As you may recall, I had been planning to leave Syntax, but I was
waiting to finish the next round of manuals and to have my 5-year
anniversary there, both of which would have happened in January.
Unfortunately, I apparently made my complaints about Syntax to the wrong
person -- my trainee -- though I intended them to be only sound advice.
Apparently my major faux pas was advising her not to continue working 80-100
hours per week, which she had been doing because she was paranoid about
losing her job. Her fear began when The Boss overruled my management and
overloaded her. I don't know whether she said something under duress (quite
possible) or whether someone in a nearby cubicle forwarded it (even more
possible). Well, as they say, loose lips sink ships. I was the one who
failed to post a guard at my mouth, so I guess I have no one else to blame.
But it sure came as a surprise because I always got rave reviews. And
I had gotten 67% in raises in 4.5 years (of course, they started me
really low). It really boils down to a radical difference in management
styles between me and The Boss. He just couldn't accept mine (the bottom
line cost being more than absolute minimum), and I definitely wasn't
about to join his school of thoughtlessness.

So keep those job announcements coming, folks. I'm willing to relocate
for the right job, and I'm a little more interested in a contract job
than employee status.

And if anyone wants a Sr. TW position near Seattle, you might try sending
e-mail to roger -at- syntax -dot- com (he's The Boss). Tell him I sent you -- if
you think that'll help! You might want to copy the e-mail to
peggy -at- syntax -dot- com -dot- She's The Boss's Wife, and Vice President (and
eminently qualified for the position, too, having run a hamburger shack for
three years). Really though, folks, there are only two things bad about
Syntax. Unfortunately, they own the company. Oops, that guard has left
his post again, so I better quit.

John Wilcox
wilcox -at- frugal -dot- com

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