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Subject: Re: -No Subject-
From: Kyle Clarke <kclarke -at- CCNET -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 09:22:21 -0800

Jill Clay (Jill_Clay -at- arborsoft -dot- com) wrote:
: Hi,

: I use Word 6.0 for Windows. I am desperately seeking the answer to this
: question:

: Our chapters must start on the right-facing page, that is, on an odd page. Is
: there any way to force this condition?

If each chapter is its own document file, then in the first section in each
chapter, set the "section start" to "odd page". Do this by:

1. set cursor in doc so that status bar on bottom says you're in sec.1.
2. Go to File Menu, Page Setup item, Layout tab.
3. Set section start.

The main disadvantage to this is when you print out, you may need to check
whether Word provided a blank page for the "missing" even page (in the case
that one chapter ended on an odd page).

Another way is to leave the section breaks as they are by default (New
Page), rebuild your TOC, and check the page numbers of your chapters in the
TOC to see if any are even. Whether this would work depends on how you link
your documents and if you can build a single TOC for your whole project.

: Many thanks from this WWW (Word-wrangled woman).

Hope this helps - from a WWM...
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