Re: Please stop vague language discussions

Subject: Re: Please stop vague language discussions
From: Eric Ray <Eric -dot- Ray -at- WCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 16:16:10 PST

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995 09:58:18 GMT Andrew Woodhouse wrote:

>*** FLAME MODE ON ***

>As Tech Writers, we are *users* of language. If we try to change
>language, people won't understand what we're talking about. Got it?
>This list is degenerating into something like a pub/bar(?) discussion of
>language, as I've seen very few arguments on that subject worthy of
>Can we *PLEASE* kill off these language threads! Discuss them elsewhere!
>I just wonder what the listowner, Eric Ray, makes of all this nonsense?


Eric would love to see a discussion of technical communication on
TECHWR-L. Might be a nice change. Seeing ONLY discussions of
technical communication on TECHWR-L would be nicer, but that ranks
up there with a 150% tax-free salary adjustment in terms
of probability.

In regard to language threads, I'm very interested in those. I've
just subscribed to copyediting-l -at- cornell -dot- edu (same instructions
as techwr-l, replacing techwr-l with copyediting-l and with so I can follow up
on them. Political correctness as a topic of discussion interests me
less, therefore I won't be subscribing to PC-L, if such
a list exists.

Seriously, I don't see the relevance of most of the PC/gender
issues to TECHWR-L. The only real issue--he vs. gender neutral--
isn't really a target for reasonable debate because it's too
personal and heated. We could just agree to disagree on that one, just
like we do on Mac vs. Windows vs. OS/2 vs. UNIX.

TECHWR-L Listowner

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