Re: SGML/Structured Documentation

Subject: Re: SGML/Structured Documentation
From: Simon North <snorth -at- TEDOPRES -dot- NL>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 09:34:55 GMT

The questions were:

1. what does SGML allow users to do that HTML does not
(and vice versa)?

Glib answer, what does C++ allow a programmer to do that BASIC
does not ...

SGML provides a _method_ for doing something, namely creating an
SGML application enshrined in a DTD. HTML _can_ be an SGML application
in that there is a DTD, but doesn't make much sense unless the documents
are _validated_. As an SGML application, HTML is about the rock bottom. It
is an extremely simple method of describing _digital_paper_.

The less glib answer would be, what can C++ allow a programmer to do
that this little text editor does not ... you are trying to compare an
_application_ (HTML) with the language in which it is written (SGML).

2. What tools are required to create and use SGML documentation?

To create it, you can use any text editor you like. You would really
need to validate it after writing, so you should have a parser. But really
there are now _tens_ of packages. Check out the comp.text.sgml Usenet group
or have a look at the excellent SGML FTP site at

Simon North

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