Suggested topics other than grammar and language

Subject: Suggested topics other than grammar and language
From: "John P. Brinegar" <johnbri -at- PRIMENET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 09:06:15 -0700

Christy Langley <GRLANGLE -at- ECUVM -dot- CIS -dot- ECU -dot- EDU> wrote

>I do not understand the bruhaha over the language thread discussion. As
>a tech writing student, I have found that audience IS a component of
>tech writing. A subcomponent of audience is the language we use to speak
>to or communicate with that audience. Pronouns ARE a component of language.
>You don't need Sherlock Holmes to investigate that one.

>Perhaps these irritating "please no more discussions on ______" could be
>eliminated if someone would take the initiative and devise a list of
>those strictly technical communication issues that we are neglecting,
>according to some list subscribers. I don't mean to snap, but the other
>lists I am devoted to hardly contain constant bickering over what
>correct topics are or should be. Frankly, if this bickering is
>going to continually resurface over every other topic, then this list
>needs more structure.

Good point.

OK, I'll suggest some topics that might be interesting and useful. If any
of you show interest, I'll be glad to offer something on some of these (I
have done so in the past and got virtually no reaction).

--Methods for determining what our users actually need to improve their
on-the-job performance

--Methods for evaluating how effective our tech comm work is in actually
improving users' on-the-job performance

--Working with cross-functional development teams to minimize the need for
training and documentation

--Methods for improving the document/product/system development process

--Techniques for developing online aids to users' performance, that work on
a wide variety of delivery platforms (computers)

--Methods for improving the development process so that we have enough time
do develop quality documentation, or so that we can develop useful
documentation when we have too little time

--Courses of action for people in other professions to move into technical

--Improving tech writers' ability to make excellent use of visual elements
that reduce the need for a large amount of text

John P. Brinegar,
Consulting and development
-Performance support systems
-Technical communications

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
(602) 278-7398
johnbri -at- primenet -dot- com

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