Re: Certification (long)

Subject: Re: Certification (long)
From: Grant Hogarth <GRANT -at- ONYXGFX -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 11:31:46 -0700

David Ibbetson (who's not as much of an idiot as he would have us
believe...<g>) wrote:

>I used to belong to the British Computer Society. There was no
>particular test for Student or Associate members, but to be a
>Fellow, one required both academic qualifications and practical

To a certain extent, this is what being a "senior member" of the STC
was (I believe) intended to accomplish. You "achieve" such status by
staying a member for five years. OK.. not a lot of work is required
to do this, but it's a start. "Fellowship" requires recognition for
your contributions to the field and to the Society (politics, as much
as anything else). Again, not a terribly high or appropriate bar, but
still, it's a start.

I'm in favour of certification. I suspect that a better analogy than
car mechanics *might* be architects or industrial designers,
but I also might be merely reflecting my knowledge biases. :-)

Will certification change anything for us already in the field? Probably not.
Will it change things in the future? Yes, and probably make things better.
Do I have any hard evidence for this? Not at the moment.


Grant Hogarth, Information Developer
Onyx Graphics Corp. Midvale, UT
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"People forget how fast you did a job --
they remember how well you did it."
-- Howard W. Newton

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