Re: Request help (WINMAIL.DAT)

Subject: Re: Request help (WINMAIL.DAT)
From: Keith Calvert Ivey <kcivey -at- CPCUG -dot- ORG>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 15:35:16 -0500

Matt Ion <soundy -at- NEXTLEVEL -dot- COM> wrote:
> Guy McDonald <guym -at- DAKA -dot- COM> said:

> >I became very upset when hearing that my messages "crashed"
> >another persons system, [...] She uses Eudora, which I used
> >last year, progressing to Pegasus, then EMC and now MS
> >Exchange.

> Eudora is (pardon my French) a piece of crap.

As is MS Exchange, apparently. I would not describe a move
from Pegasus to Exchange as "progressing". From what I've
heard, Exchange has most of the problems of MS Mail (which,
thank God, my company is finally dumping in favor of Pegasus),
with a few extra problems (like WINMAIL.DAT) thrown in for
good measure. Most of the lists I'm on are deluged with these
WINMAIL.DAT attachments. It's yet another example of Microsoft
deciding to "improve" an established standard unilaterally and
then saying it's other people's fault when they don't follow
the Microsoft line.

The WINMAIL.DAT problem has something to do with RTF being
enabled by default. If you uncheck the box that says to
include RTF attachments, you won't get the attachment, but you
have to do that every time you reply to a list message. See
Ben Goetter's Exchange FAQ
( for more
information on this and other Exchange-related oddities
(including those mysterious equals signs).

Keith C, Ivey <kcivey -at- cpcug -dot- org>
Washington, DC
Untangling the Web <>

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