Attention, Policies and Procedures people!

Subject: Attention, Policies and Procedures people!
From: Jennifer Blair <jblair -at- CREO -dot- BC -dot- CA>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 13:22:33 PST

May I have your two cents" worth? I am a contractor working for a
large utility company. We are conducting a research project on how
companies manage the creation, development, distribution, and
acceptance of all operating standards which govern the work done by
employees, especially safety and environmental standards. I am
interested in utilities of course, but also other companies whose
operations are geographically and organizationally dispersed.

If you have only two minutes, please answer the following quick
multiple choice questions, and if you have the time and inclination to
elaborate in the second set of questions, I would very much appreciate
your input.

*Note: If you are a contractor, please choose the most progressive
company you've worked with and think of that as "your organization".

*Also: Please list as much information about your company as you are
at liberty to give, e.g. kind of company, location, number of
employees, etc.

Thanks very much, and watch this space for a summary report of this

Five quick questions:

1. Who writes the standards at your organization?
B. Regional staff (local managers) or
C. Field staff
D. A combination of the above

2. How much input is there from field staff in the development of
A. None
B. Some
C. A lot

3. Are environmental standards at your organization integrated with
Standard Operating Orders and Local Operating Orders, i.e. corporate
policies integrated with locally and/or task-specific ones?
A. No
B. Somewhat
C. Yes

4. What is the general state of your standards info?
A. Mostly incomplete and out of date
B. In between
C. Accurate and current

5. Are any electronic systems in place at your organization for
accessing standards information?
A. Yes. (Please name software, systems used)
B. No.
C. In development- (Please name software, systems under consideration)

Thanks for your time.

Six not-so-quick questions:

1. How does your organization make standards job-specific without
having to write multiple variations of the same standards?

2. Who writes the standards at your organization, the people who set
them, or the people who use them?

3. What are your organization's strategies for creating, distributing,
and creating acceptance of standards?

4. Does your organization have a published list of safety and
environmental standards documentation?

5. What new technologies, if any, are being used by your organization
to create and access information, e.g. Lotus Notes, Calyx, Folio,
BookManager, Hyperties, etc..?

6. If any of the above have been used in your organization, what was
the perceived effectiveness?

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