UNIX Screen Captures, Response Summary

Subject: UNIX Screen Captures, Response Summary
From: Steve -dot- Evanina -at- SCIATL -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:29:00 -0500

Thank you all for you responses.

I received 20 responses to my original query,

>"Does anyone know the best way to capture UNIX X-Windows screens? The
>final output will be via Word 6.0."

The totals are . . . drum roll please . . .

xv - 11 users (direct bmp output)
xwd - 2 users
XGrab - 2 users
ImageMagick - 1 user (use to convert xwd > tiff)
X Windows Screen Emulator 3 users (XVision, etc.)
Framemaker - 1 user (direct import of Sun raster images)
Snapshot - 3 users (a Sun utility, Sun raster format)
MSImager - 1 user (MSOffice program)

One contributor cautioned - "change color pallet to monochrome on UNIX
workstation before capture due to incompatible color schemes between
UNIX and Windows."

Using xv, we captured raster files of >1.2Meg. I reduced the file size
to <600k by reducing the image colors to 8. However, as I have in
excess of 100 screens, this will require 50Meg of storage, not to
mention the amount of time needed to print the images and the
supporting text.

Does anyone know of a way to convert the files to vector to reduce the
file sizes even more and also decrease printing time?

Note that prior to trying screen captures (before me) our department
would redraw the screens in Visio to produce line art. This results in
crisp output, small files and fast printing on slow printers (QMS860).

steve -dot- evanina -at- sciatl -dot- com

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