Re: List of *good* books

Subject: Re: List of *good* books
From: Ben Kovitz <bkovitz -at- IGS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 17:41:00 PST

Excuse me, but what I wanted when I asked if anybody had 'seen any good
movies lately' was not a long, undigested list of so-called 'entertaining'
that you or your yuppie friends happened to have a good chuckle at. I would
like you to tell me one, and only one, film that you have seen recently and
provide an analysis of why it is superior to other recent films in terms of
cinematography, acting, directing, lighting, and any other major cinematic
categories that interest you. I expect the films to be no shorter than 2
15 minutes and to have had a general release of no less than two months
on a national basis or less if it was released in so-called "art" markets.
I thought it went without saying that the plot of the movie had to hinge on
significantly involve the ocean or some other (relatively) large body of

Man, do I have to spell everything out?

To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L
Subject: list of *good* books
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 1996 12:58PM

apparently I was not clear in my first post as to exactly what
I was trying to accomplish and what information I needed from
those of you on this list. First, I am documenting software
for my company but I am not just looking for books on software
documentation. Second, I don't want an exhaustive list of every
book that has ever been published on any and all topics that
may or may not have anything to do with technical writing.
Third, I do *NOT* have access to the web to go browsing for the
information I am looking for. Fourth, what I want is a list of
books that *YOU* have *PURCHASED* and are using on a day-to-day
basis that have helped you in your work. What books have you
paid your hard earned money for that you were especially wowed
by, that you would recommend to someone else as a *must have*
book? What books do you constantly review, ie references,
dictionaries, grammer guides, etc., to help you do your daily
work? These are the books that I want to know about. And finally,
yes I received the list of books that was uuencoded and I was able
to decode it, but there was still a lot of garbage control
cahracters in it that made it practically useless for my needs.

I would really like to hear from the following frequent posters:
Kim Fawcett, Pam Owen, Joe Fockler, Dick Dimock, Betsy Maaks,
Arlen Walker, Colleen Dancer, Jane Bergen, Eric Ray, Kim Fawcett,
Mike Starr, LaVonna Funkhouser, Rose A. Wilcox, Misti Delaney,
Bev Parks, Sue Gallagher, David Ibbeston, Richard Mateosian,
Karen Randolph, Theresa Hofer, Marci Andrews, Tad Tadfor Little,
Gwen Barnes, RoMay Sitze, Garret Romaine, Tracy Boyington,
Connie Winch, K Watkins, Michael Priestley, Sue Ellen Adkins,
Faith Weber, Alexander Von_obert, Marilynne Smith, just to
name a few that I have seen post over the last several months.
Just because your name is not in the list above does not mean
I am slighting you. There are supposedly 2000+ on this list
and I just named a few that I would like to hear from. Any and
all are welcome to send me their list of favorite books. But,
*please* don't send me a list that is over 10 items long or
a list that I will have to decode. I don't have the facilities
to do it properly.

Again, Thanks to all who have responded and I look forward to
all future replies.
Frederick "Magic Fingers" Falk
He who answers before listening,
that is his folly and his shame. Proverbs 18:13

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