Re: Whats a PDP-11?

Subject: Re: Whats a PDP-11?
From: Chris Hulin <chrish -at- SPIDERNET -dot- COM -dot- CY>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 08:08:24 +0300

I did all my documentation work on a PDP11/44 unter RSTS/E for about 4 years
from 1982. It had 256K RAM and two 300MB disk drives as big as spin-dryers,
and about ten terminals. I used the EDT screen editor, and processed text
with a program called Script which was like Runoff. At first I printed
everything on a dot-matrix line printer, but later I switched to a Diablo
630 at a dizzy 30cpi!

EDT was great - multiple paste buffers were my favourite feature. Only
trouble was, if someone was doing a batch COBOL compilation (c. 40
minutes!), it could take 30 seconds for a keystroke to echo on the screen.

Then there was the Xerox 820 wordprocessor with its 8-inch floppies... and
the DEC Rainbow...

Thanks for the memory.

Oh, by the way, we upgraded the 11/44 to 1MB just before we moved over to
Xenix on a 286, but that's another story.
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