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Subject: Re: Redundancy...
From: Karen_Mayer -dot- TOUCH_TECHNOLOGY -at- NOTES -dot- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:51:37 EST

For most business-type software (word processors, database managers,
spreadsheets, etc.), the users are only using it to get a job done. They
likely could care less *how* it works or that you can do all these nifty
things -- UNLESS those things help the users do their jobs. Sure, I love
FrameMaker, but only because it helps me do my job better, not because
it's *fun*. If I wanted fun, I'd run Doom or something!

The task-oriented approach is not only a good idea from a marketing
viewpoint. It's good from an engineering viewpoint, too. If the product
design (or documentation) gets in the way of me doing my job, I won't be
too happy about using it and I'll look for something better. (Then the
Marketing Dept will be REALLY concerned!)

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From a marketing viewpoint, you want users to think the software enables
them to do things. That way, the user takes credit for the achievement
for which he or she might receive additional corporate favors such as
raises and promotions. "Our product is used to do" suggests that to us
much more than "Our product does".

FWIW, since when was the Marketing Dept concerned about anyone actually
*using* the product after it has been bought and paid for? <G>

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