Frame vs Ventura

Subject: Frame vs Ventura
From: Tom Lange <Tom_Lange -at- CCMAIL -dot- BMC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:41:33 CST

>I've seen many references to FrameMaker on this list, and none to
>and I wonder if there is something I ought to know! I've used Ventura
>version 1.1, and have never seen FrameMaker. Can someone tell me the
>advantages/differences or whatever in relation to producing
>No need to tell me the disadvantages of Ventura, I know them all!

Tim Altom's response was excellent. I managed a writing department
for 2 years that used Ventura. Now I write using FrameMaker. What a
difference, (and I am not talking about the difference between
managing and contract writing).

Another significant difference exists. As a contract writer, I know
my job can cease at any moment; therefore, I monitor the contractor
job market constantly. I see the ads on this list, the STC lists at
various locations, and Contractor's Weekly. During the last year,
almost all ads in the USA wanted writers with either FrameMaker or
Interleaf. I would guess the ration is about 50% FrameMaker, 40%
Interleaf, and 10% other. Other includes Word, WordPerfect, Ventura,
IBM's BookMaster/Xedit, AMIPRO, and believe it or not WordStar. The
best I can remember I have seen only 4 or 5 ads during the year for

I guess the point I am making is that to be really marketable for
hardcopy tech writing, you must have FrameMaker and/or Interleaf. For
on-line helps, most ads want writers with RoboHelp.

Just one Texan's opinion.

Tom Lange
tom_lange -at- ccmail -dot- bmc -dot- com

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