Re: Framemaker

Subject: Re: Framemaker
From: David Somers <dmps -at- EURONET -dot- NL>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 00:58:41 +-100

>Please, some of you Framemaker lovers tell me why the technical writer
>world loves this tool. I do most of my work in Word or Pagemaker which
>are both much more intuitive tools. Word usually covers anything =
>and straightfoward I need to do.

Try writing a 1000+ page book with 500+ illustrations in Word or =
Pagemaker... then try and do the same with Framemaker... that's why =
people like me use FrameMaker.

>I have wanted to apply for jobs, yet they always seem to want someone
>Frame experience. It pisses me off because Frame is such a worthless
>-- and I feel locked out of some of these jobs.

I would hardly describe Frame as a useless tool. After all, FrameMaker =
and Interleaf are the two leading tools, so they must have something =
going for them ;-)

David Somers
dmps -at- euronet -dot-

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