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Subject: Re: What *is* user friendly
From: Beverly Parks <bparks -at- HUACHUCA-EMH2 -dot- ARMY -dot- MIL>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 08:21:15 MST

WandaJane Phillips <wandajp -at- andyne -dot- on -dot- ca> wrote-->
> Well, this little discussion sure has wandered all over. I feel
> compelled to clarify that my buddy was not talking about cartoons, per
> se, but, um, lets call them *pert* icons and perhaps even a kind of
> guide, like Bob...
> A social interface for a user's guide.
Back in October I bought a new PC that came with Windows 95
already installed. I had no prior experience with Win 95, but
this is what I wanted.

The first book I bought was the Windows 95 Resource Kit. Great
for troubleshooting, but not the best teacher if your initial
goal is to simply become comfortable with the interface. So the
second book I bought was Alan Simpson's "Easy Guide to Windows
95". This book has one of those little cartoon guides that I
think WandaJane's buddy was referring to. This little guy is
always in the margins with great little hints and tips.

I almost didn't buy the book because my first impression was
that it was *too* basic for me. I'm a computer specialist and
an experienced Windows user. But my options were limited in the
store I was in (Price/Costco) and I was determined to buy an
introductory Win 95 book then and there.

It took a few pages before I became comfortable with the little
guy, but once I got into it, the book turned out to be very
helpful and very easy to read. I even started looking forward to
what the little guy had to say. 8-)

I'm now reading another one of Alan Simpson's books: "Mastering
Microsoft Access for Windows 95". This is a massive tome of over
1100 pages. No cartoon guides. My experience with the author's
other book (the one *with* cartoon guides) made me confident
that this book would be well organized and well written.

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