Re: Ventura vs Framemaker

Subject: Re: Ventura vs Framemaker
From: Warren Young <tangent -at- CYBERPORT -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:16:29 GMT

ad354 -at- FreeNet -dot- Carleton -dot- CA (James Owens) wrote:

>also had some shortcomings, such as an inability to easily hang
>[grammatical purists need not retort] headlines in the margin in a
>single-column layout.

I had Framemaker 4.0 a while back and it did this just fine. Its
method was different from Ventura's, but it was easy enough,
especially once you got the paragraph stye for it set up. The only
reason I dropped the program was its heavy focus on highly-structured
documents. I may find use for that view some day at work, but my
personal publishing tends to be more free-form.

>Since then, though, Corel has reportedly improved the Windows fit and
>added features. I've heard complaints about the import filters, but other
>than that the reviews have been good.

I'm no publishing wizard, but I have version 5.0 and it seems to do
its job reasonably well. However, publishing is just a hobby for me,
so I haven't pushed its capabilities very hard yet.

> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Feel any home-land pride? Maybe you'll want to give your business to
Ottawa-based Corel. Really! I've e-met Canadians that factor this
sort of thing into every purchase. If nothing else, you can drive up
to their front door to demand support directly from Eid Eid (the
program's head designer). They're at 1600 Carling Ave. Give `em
hell. B-)

= Warren --

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