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Subject: Re: Screen Capture in DOS
From: Tony Rocco <tony_rocco -at- NAVIS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 12:50:29 U

RE>Screen Capture in DOS 1/31/96

Hijaak Pro does DOS screen captures and allows you to save them in a million
different file formats. As far as making Print Screen print to a file, check
your DOS manual. I am not sure if it's possible.

Date: 1/30/96 8:43 AM
To: Tony Rocco
From: stbrown -at- nacs -dot- net
Scripsit sherron -at- HERRON -dot- CTEXT -dot- COM in TECHWR-L Digest:

>Salve populi,

>I need a way to capture a graphical display from the video screen
>running in DOS, and save it as a manipulable file such as *.bmp,
>*.pcx, or even *.eps.

>My usual work environment is OS/2, but the application in question
>will only run in a DOS full screen session.

>I'd appreciate any information leading to the arrest and conviction of:
>1) A screen capture program that runs in DOS.
>b) A way to make PRINT SCREEN print to a file.

The SimTel software repository is usually a good place to search for
things like this. You can access it by

One of these should do the trick:

SimTel/msdos/gif/ 27520 8 900927 Capture EGA/VGA screens, then convert to GIF

SimTel/msdos/graphics/ 69410 8 901223 PCX screen capture & viewing programs

SimTel/msdos/printer/ 6873 8 870325 Capture LPT output to a disk file

SimTel/msdos/screen/ 137474 8 950925 ScreenThief: Screen capture to

SimTel/msdos/vga/ 33963 8 920807 Capture VGA 640x350/640x480 screen to EPS

>Extra points for creativity awarded for not ending your reply with
>"Hope this helps."


Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems Cleveland, Ohio USA +1 216 371-0043
email: stbrown -at- nacs -dot- net Web:

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