Re: HTML/Word Processor Source (LONG)

Subject: Re: HTML/Word Processor Source (LONG)
From: Keith Soltys <ksoltys -at- IO -dot- ORG>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 11:15:53 -0500

In article <<1996Jan31 -dot- 222908 -dot- 11173 -at- pmafire -dot- inel -dot- gov>, you wrote:
>In article <01-30-1996 -dot- 108 -at- gvarney -dot- opentext -dot- com> you write:
>>I'm looking for suggestions for a way to create good looking printed
>>documentation *and* good looking HTML files from the same source file.

>As far as I know, there is no good way to do this. HTML will not produce
>a standard look for your document; whoever is reading the HTML document
>controls its appearance by modifying their viewer. There are also
>different design concerns for what looks good on paper and what is useful
>on screen.

snip ...

>Again, good luck. If someone else comes up with a better solution,
>please let me know.

I've been using HTML Transit, a new product published by Info Acccess, It
does a good job of converting Word (and other word processing format) files
to HTML. The final results don't look exactly like the printed document, but
allowing for HTML's limitations in the formatting area, they're good enough
for my purposes.

If you use styles consistently in your documents, the conversion is
straightforward. The program allows you to add navigation buttons, it will
do a linked TOC and index, and handles tables and many of the HTML 3
and Netscape extensions.

You can get more information from


Keith Soltys -- ksoltys -at- io -dot- org --
Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you;
if you don't bet, you can't win. --Robert A. Heinlein

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