Re: Word weirdness

Subject: Re: Word weirdness
From: Tom Lange <Tom_Lange -at- CCMAIL -dot- BMC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 10:21:44 CST

And I thought I was the only one with that problem. I updated my
resume on my b: drive by changing three words. The size changed from
17,nnn to 53, nnn when I saved it. I closed the file. Later I opened
it, made no changes and saved it to my c: drive using a different
name. It changed the file size back to 17,nnn on my c: drive. It
stayed 53,nnn on my b: drive. I now have the exact same printed
document on my b: and c: drives with different file sizes. Really

tom lange
tom_lange -at- ccmail -dot- bmc -dot- com

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Subject: Word weirdness
Author: Janet Valade <jvalade -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM> at unixlink
Date: 2/6/96 5:55 AM

I thought someone here might know the answer to this. I am creating a
document in Word and happened to notice that the Word file gets grows
and shrinks in a manner unrelated to the contents of the file. Over
the past 10 edits, the newly edited file has been the following
sequence of approximate sizes 53,000; 110,000; 125,000; 91,000; 54,000;
58,000; 99,000; 162,000; 113,000; 123,000. Meanwhile, the actually
document has grown steadily from 12 pages to about 30 pages. The
document is quite simple--no mass of graphics. It has a TOC, a half a
dozen reference fields, and a few borders around paragraphs.

Does anyone know why the file gets larger and smaller this way? Does
Word do this all the time and I just never noticed before? I am
wondering if my machine is having some sort of problem. Or if the
software needs some adjustment of some sort.

Janet Valade
jvalade -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

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