Re: Helpful hints, and wrist problems

Subject: Re: Helpful hints, and wrist problems
From: Beverly Parks <bparks -at- HUACHUCA-EMH2 -dot- ARMY -dot- MIL>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 15:00:49 MST

Garret Romaine <GRomaine -at- msmail -dot- radisys -dot- com> wrote-->
> ... Because one thing I wonder about is whether it strikes men less
> than women? Personally, I've been typing at speeds up to 80 wpm (in short
> bursts, but spell checker usually bails me out) for 25 years, and I'm
> generally pain free. And I wonder why?

I don't have carpel tunnel syndrome. (Excuse any misspellings,
it's time to go and I'm rushing.)

I've been typing speedily as part of my job for the past 20
years, since starting out as a clerk-typist back in 1975.
Participation in sports (Garret mentioned this as a possible
reason for being spared from CTS) has never been a pastime of
mine. My hobbies over those years have been hiking, backpacking,
and photography. None of those would seem to exercise the wrist
more than normal, as most sports would.

Although I think I've got trigger finger in both pinkies now.
This has been going on for a little under a year. Could be an

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