fair use and the Internet (was Re: Comment please?)

Subject: fair use and the Internet (was Re: Comment please?)
From: John -dot- Renish -at- CONNER -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 08:52:39 PST

Stan Brown wrote:

I myself am not a lawyer, but the _Chicago Manual of Style_ makes the
law pretty clear: when you write something, it belongs to you and
can't be republished or copied without your permission. There are
specific exceptions, such as a "work made for hire", which don't apply
to Internet postings.

The nature of the Internet is that many copies of anything may well be made
anywhere in the world in the process of distributing the message, even to a
single addressee. For example, my network server has a copy of Stan's
message and it will remain on the server until I delete it. Similarly, it
was backed up automatically to tape last night and will remain in an archive
for something like six months. Posting to any Internet server in effect
grants unlimited copy (if not publication) privileges to those who receive
the message as well as to any interim routing nodes on the 'net.

Automatic backups also have resulted in many an employee's being fired for
using internal e-mail for illicit trysts, complaints about bosses, and the
like. If you don't want it known to the world at large, better not *ever*
put it on *any* network without heavy-duty encryption.

John -dot- Renish -at- Conner -dot- com
My comments are my own and do not represent Conner Peripherals

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M<R!T:&4*;&%W('!R971T>2!C;&5A<CH -at- =VAE;B!Y;W4 -at- =W)I=&4@<V]M971H
M:6YG+"!I="!B96QO;F=S('1O('EO=2!A;F0*8V%N)W0 -at- 8F4@<F5P=6)L:7-H
M:&%T(&UA;GD -at- 8V]P:65S(&]F(&%N>71H:6YG(&UA>2!W96QL(&)E(&UA9&4@
M86YY=VAE<F4@:6X -at- =&AE('=O<FQD(&EN('1H92!P<F]C97-S(&]F(&1I<W1R
M:6)U=&EN9R!T:&4@;65S<V%G92P -at- 979E;B!T;R!A('-I;F=L92!A9&1R97-S
M<V5R=F5R('5N=&EL($D -at- 9&5L971E(&ET+B!3:6UI;&%R;'DL(&ET('=A<R!B
M86-K960 -at- =7`@875T;VUA=&EC86QL>2!T;R!T87!E(&QA<W0@;FEG:'0 -at- 86YD
M('=I;&P@<F5M86EN(&EN(&%N(&%R8VAI=F4 -at- 9F]R('-O;65T:&EN9R!L:6ME
M('-I>"!M;VYT:',N(%!O<W1I;F<@=&\ -at- 86YY($EN=&5R;F5T('-E<G9E<B!I
M;B!E9F9E8W0 -at- 9W)A;G1S('5N;&EM:71E9"!C;W!Y("AI9B!N;W0@<'5B;&EC
M871I;VXI('!R:79I;&5G97,@=&\ -at- =&AO<V4 -at- =VAO(')E8V5I=F4 -at- =&AE(&UE
M<W-A9V4 -at- 87,@=V5L;"!A<R!T;R!A;GD@:6YT97)I;2!R;W5T:6YG(&YO9&5S
M(&]N('1H92`G;F5T+ -at- H*075T;VUA=&EC(&)A8VMU<',@86QS;R!H879E(')E
M<W5L=&5D(&EN(&UA;GD -at- 86X@96UP;&]Y964G<R!B96EN9R!F:7)E9"!F;W(@
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M<&QA:6YT<R!A8F]U="!B;W-S97,L(&%N9"!T:&4@;&EK92X -at- 268@>6]U(&1O
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M="!#;VYN97(@4&5R:7!H97)A;'-E`0,```5>`0(`` -at- ```!```@`!``$`J00`
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M4R!386YS(%-E<FEF```````````````````````````````!``$`$ -at- `!`!,`
M$P`!`!0`&@`!`!L`8``!`&$`H -at- `!`*,`Y``!`.4`*P$!`"P!00$!`$(!2`$!
M`$D!20$!`$H!D@,!`),#DP,!`)0#J -at- 0"`*L$JP0"`*P$P -at- 0"`,,$`04`````
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M`<0 -dot- `6 -at- 0`0P2`;`3`505`? -at- 6:0`````````````0``8`````````````````


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