Re: Helpful hints, and wrist problems

Subject: Re: Helpful hints, and wrist problems
From: Shauna Jeanne Jones <shauna -at- ALOHA -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 00:35:10 -1000

Had to respond to this ... my husband worked as Tech Support assistant for a
wordprocessing services firm once. They got a contract to input and format a
local airline's safety regulations manual (an enormous, exhaustive document
required by FAA) -- to be done in two weeks. He and a woman in the company
were the only ones available to do the inputting. So they went at it, typing
up to 10-12 hours a day. He types with a medium light touch. She typed with
a heavy (faster) touch.

At the end of two weeks, the job was done. He was fine. She was in wrist
braces, and two weeks later went in for CTS surgery on both wrists.

I think it's more related to hand position and typing touch than anything
else. That same company had a medical transcription division. One woman
there had been transcribing for 40+ years. She transcribed a steady 60wpm
(if you've ever done any transcription, that's extremely fast!) moving
little more than her finger tips. Touches the keys just enough to make it
"take". She's now close to 70 yrs old, and has never had a trace of CTS.

At 11:56 AM 2/14/96 -0700, David Blyth wrote:
>Karen K responds...

>>It does strike men less often than women.

>Lucky me..... (ouch!).

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