Re: permission for keeping writing samples

Subject: Re: permission for keeping writing samples
From: John Hedtke <jhedtke -at- OZ -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 01:55:23 GMT

Brad Barnes (T) <blb -at- formtek -dot- com> wrote:

>What is the generally accepted practice on whether or not you obtain explicit permission from your employer to permit you to keep a copy of your work for use in your portfolio?

>I have *heard* that employers automatically understand and assume that writers will always be able to put aside writing samples for portfolio purposes--without explicit permission.

>In practice, do any of you always *formally* make requests for copies of your own work? Or do you just go ahead and retain your own copies? Afterall, the work you produce belongs to the party who has paid for it, be it your employer or your employer's customer, right?

>Brad Barnes
>Technical Writer

I am keenly reminded of the old saw about "Never ask a question you
don't want to hear a 'No' to."

I have copies of everything that I've ever done with the exception of
classified stuff that I can't legally own or show to anyone. Keep
three copies, too: one is for your portfolio; the other two should be
stored in zip loc plastic bags and then boxed >and< bagged and stored
where they won't get wet, mildewed, or sun damaged. 10 years from
now, you'd never remember all the things you did, let alone be able to
get copies of them.

Yours Truly,

John Hedtke

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